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YWBC Shirley Drum Triples

Shirley Drum Triples Tournament winners (l-r) Julie Coulter, Shirley Drum, Wendy Ballantyne, Raels McKibbin. Image: contributed

The keen competition in this tournament continued on Thursday with the final two rounds played – overall winners of the tournament was the team of Raels McKibbin, Julie Coulter and Wendy Ballantyne as they continued their winning streak to be the only team to win all four games; this gave them an impressive 112pts overall, well ahead of second place getters Sonia Graham, Isabel Neill and Kaye Mason 77pts who were a hairs breath ahead of Vicki Beddow, Jane Pearson and Helen Atkinson on 76pts.

First touchers for Day 2 were won by: Lead – Cheryl Mazoudier, Second – Wynn Bell, Skip – Carole Ritale. Day 1 winners: V Beddow, J Pearson, H Atkinson; Day 2 winners: L Duncan, S Lindsay, M Stone. Consolation prize went to G L Davis, M Durante and C Cole.

Shirley presented the daily winners with their prizes and the Shield and winnings will be presented to overall winners Team Ballantyne at our Presentation Dinner on December 12.

The concept of this completion seemed to be very well accepted and it is planned to be included in next year’s calendar.

Tuesday October 29

The jewels in the ‘Princess of the Green’ tiara continued to sparkle for Ruthie Fletcher when she played Jan Stamp on Tuesday. Ruthie started the game giving away a 4pt handicap but quickly made up the deficit, the scores tied at 14 all on the 16th end. Jan crept forward to a 3 shot lead on the 19th, Ruthie then surged again and the scores were 22 all on the 25th, Ruthie scored the final 3 shots on the next end to win 25/22.

In social bowls: G Freeman, W Bell, K Pedder drew with M McBey, J Campbell, C Ritale 16 all, Carole’s team winning the Bowlo Bucks on a countback. M Abbott & G Davis d M Thompson & R Dickson; V Beddow, P Conley, L Asbury d J Hudson, M Sakac, H Atkinson.

The draws for the Minor & Major Consistency Singles have been posted on the notice board with first round of the Majors to be played on November 12 and the Minors on November 14.

Entry sheets for our Christmas Ham Day on November 28 and our Christmas party December 3 are on the board.

YWBC E-News has been posted with the latest update on Pennants for 2020.

On Shot

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