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Yamba Triathlon weekend to raise funds for NSW Rural Fire Service

The Clarence Valley is set to welcome triathletes back to Yamba for a two-day multi-funweekend on December 7-8.

Given the current fire disaster in the region, organisers NXsports and the Clarence Valley Triathlon Club invite the local community to come along on Saturday 7 December for a free fun run and free ocean swim, with all participants encouraged to donate a gold coin, with proceeds raised going to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Yamba local Darren Adams of the Clarence Valley Triathlon Club says that he hopes that local community members can come along to have a day out with their friends and family.

“Many local businesses, as well as the Clarence Valley Council have come together to organise and support this event and we hope it will bring the community together for a good cause as well as bring some tourism dollars to town”, said Adams.

“The local community and the surrounds have obviously had it pretty tough in recent weeks and we want this weekend to be a celebration of our area and support the local businesses who have supported this event.’

Sunday December 8 will feature the McDonald’s Kids Triathlon, First National Tempta Triathlon, Swift Multisport Sprint Triathlon, and the P & J Financial Planning Teams Triathlon.

The Sprint distance will see athletes compete in a 750m swim, 20km bike ride, and 5km run.

The Tempta distance is a shorter 300m swim, 10km bike ride, and a 2.5km run. Whilst the Kids (7-12 years old) distance will have a 100m swim, 3km bike ride, and 500m run.

“The response from the local community for this year’s event has been fantastic,” says NXsports Race Director Mike Crawley.

“Many people use the event as a fun day out with a group of friends, whilst others come along on Sunday Triathlon as the end of a training program with their local gym. We also love to see first-timers and kids give it a go.”

Official entries for the Sunday Triathlon are open until today Wednesday 27 November. For more information and to enter, visit

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