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Yamba Thursday Stableford golf

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A good field braved the cold conditions on Thursday with a few Victorians escaping the freezing south.

The A grade winner was Albert Fox who finished with 39pts from Terry Cumiskey with 38pts on a count back from Rob Gallagher.

Dan Neil was the B grade winner with 39pts on a c/b from Dave Schwartz and 3rd was Max Sweetman with 38pts on a c/b.

In C Grade the club president Tony Moran was the winner with 39pts from Peter O’Donnell 38pts and 3rd went to Peter Blom with 36pts on a c/b.

Nearest to the pins were; On the SeaFire 3rd hole was Terry Crowe at only 17cm, the Pro Pin was Reilly Wunderlich at 175cm, the Peter Campbell Physio 9th was Mick Mickelburgh at 196cm, the SeaFire 10th Mitch Brash 180cm, the Yamba Barber Shop 12th was Terry Crowe at 259cm and the SeaFire 17th was Ken Hall at 196cm.

Balls went to 33pts with 16pts on the back 9.

Saturday Stableford

A good size field risked getting wet on Saturday with the shot of the day going to Reilly Wunderlich who chipped in for eagle on the 4th getting him his 2nd pro pin in three days.

Other winners were: A Grade Greg Starr was the winner with 39pts from Richard Beresford 38pts and 3rd went to Ronny Jeffrey with 37pts on a c/b.

Chris Austin returned the score of the day with 44 points after having a miss on the 4th, Dave Schwartz was 2nd again with 39pts and 3rd went to Andrew Harris with 38pts on a c/b.

In C Grade Dennis Walpole was the winner with 36pts on a c/b from Michael Rosnell and 3rd went to Peter Blom again with 36pts.

Nearest to pins were; On the John Wright Pro Shop 3rd Rohan Smiles was 428cm, the 4th was of course Reilly with his eagle, the Peter Campbell Physio 9th was Chad Duensing from Ballina at 93cm, the SeaFire 10th went to Ash Layton from Ballina 121cm, the SeaFire 12th was Guy Carpenter at only 14cm, the Bean Scene 17th was won by Greg Parmenter at 237cm and 2nd shot 17th was Laurie Arnott at 193cm.

Balls went to 34 with 18 on the back 9.

Governor’s Cup Mixed

Four players contested this prestigious event on Sunday in near perfect conditions with the trophy going to the team of Cherryanne Watson, Maz and Dave Muir and Wayne Rice with a score of 58.125 nett from Julie Vernol, Jo and Col Simmons and Alan Syle with 59.25 nett.

NTP’s were; On the SeaFire 3rd Cherryanne Watson and Dave Muir, the Block Café 10th was Tina Downes and Bruce Lulham, the Sassafras 12th went to Jenny Muir and Danny Quin.

Balls went to 63 nett.

Chris Durrington

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