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Yamba roundabout questions

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When are the Clarence Valley Council going to share with ratepayers and other interested people the plans they have drawn up for all the proposed roundabouts in the Yamba area? I believe there are five of them, but prior to last week only one has been discussed, that is the one on Treelands Drive/ Yamba Road.

How big are these roundabouts? What are they going to cost? Not the supercilious estimates that CVC come up with to mislead the ratepayers. But the real finished costs of the roundabouts.

What impact will they have on parking on Yamba Road in the vicinity of the roundabouts?

What is the effect that they will have on traffic flow? All the other roundabouts in Yamba seem to slow, even stop traffic at times.

Consideration also needs to be given to the embedded energy in each roundabout and how that is going to be offset. Wouldn’t solar operated traffic lights be a much better fit with the EPA, and a much more cost effective solution to the traffic problem and ease the financial burden on ratepayers?

Why are CVC not even considering the road that was gazetted in the 1980’s that runs from the CBD to the western outskirts of Yamba on the southern side of O’Grady’s Lane?  This road would give everyone a second choice of entry/exit to Yamba. It would also serve the people/ratepayers who will take up residence in the new estates down Carrs Drive and the new development along Pippie Beach, thus reducing the traffic on Yamba Road. This sensible choice would not result in land acquisition.

Why install a roundabout at Carrs Drive/Yamba Road as other than tip trucks there is very little traffic coming out of Carrs Drive? Yes traffic will increase once housing is complete on the new estates on Carrs Drive, but that may be years away, and once again the unbuilt gazetted road would more than solve this problem.

The proposed roundabout Carrs Drive/Yamba Road will result in slowing down trucks even more as it is closer to a 75-degree corner than 90-degree corner.

I am sure I am not the only person who wonders why the proposed roundabout is not centred on the existing corner.

Will there be consultation and negotiation with all the people who will be affected or are we no longer living in a democratic society?

Who will wear the budget blowouts of all these roundabouts? Surely it won’t only be those few in favour of them.

Wendy Bartlett, Yamba

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