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Yamba Rotary Twilight Markets

Coldstream Street in Yamba was closed to traffic on New Year’s Day for the annual Yamba Rotary Twilight Markets.

Lynne Mowbray |

Around 5000 people turned out for the annual Yamba Rotary Twilight Markets, which were held in Coldstream Street, Yamba, on New Year’s Day.

Director of Community Projects for Yamba Rotary, Gayle Doe said that this year there were 121 stalls taking part in the markets, compared to 103 last year.

“This year Coldstream Lane (off Coldstream Street), turned into an ‘Eat Street’ for the night,” Mrs Doe said.

“All of the food vendors were very happy with the results and it proved to be very successful.

“The weather was perfect for this year’s event and over $10,000 was raised for Yamba Rotary through the donation bucket, chocolate wheel, BBQ and drinks.

“Money raised (from the Twilight Markets) will go back into the Yamba community as well as helping out in other areas of need.

“Back in October, we donated $13,745 to the Burrumbuttock Hay Run Drought Appeal,” she said.

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