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Yamba rock pool repairs begin

Yamba’s iconic ocean rock pool at Main Beach is undergoing repairs. Image: Geoff Helisma

Geoff Helisma |

The troublesome Yamba ocean rock pool at Main Beach is to undergo another round of repairs.

Repairs were programmed to commence this week.

A Clarence Valley Council (CVC) media release states that “the eastern, deeper end of the pool will have the concrete floor removed and replaced”.

The council’s project manager, Justin Menzies, said: “It’s going to be a fairly complex job in challenging conditions and we are engaging experienced local contractors and utilising their local knowledge to help overcome the challenges.”

Tenders were called for the repairs in October 2018, however, at the December CVC meeting, councillors unanimously adopted the officer’s recommendation to “not accept the [one] tender received”, as it was “in excess of the $278,810 (ex GST) pre-tender estimate for the project”.

Councillors also resolved to have “council staff seek quotations from suitable contractors to undertake the required works”.

As a result of this decision, CVC staff will oversee the repairs.

A CVC spokesperson said: “If the cost of repairs of the Yamba rock pool goes over the budgeted $278,810 it would need to go back to council, as Crown Land manager, for approval.

“Expenditure and budget will be monitored as the project proceeds.”

Meanwhile, Mr Menzies said in the CVC media release: “Works will be scheduled around tides and swells.

“Wave barriers will be set up, to try to reduce the amount of water coming into the pool and to maximise the time contractors can spend onsite to meet the works schedule.”

The pool was closed for public use on February 4 and, weather permitting, works are expected to be completed by the Easter school holidays.

“An alternate location for pool swimming can be found at the Yamba Heated 25m pool off Angourie Road,” the media release states.

The ocean pool was temporarily closed in August 2017 due to the cracks and an extended period of no swell, which resulted in not enough water remaining in the pool for safe use.

Extensive repairs to the pool, which was constructed in the late 1960s, were also completed in late 2012.

At the time, CVC budgeted $250,000 for those repairs.

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