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Yamba Parkrun is a hit

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Parkrun – not just good exercise but great fun. Image: Contributed

Parkrun is a sporting success story, starting in the UK in 2005 and now has taken hold in Australia at a very rapid rate.

In fact there are not too many towns or cities in this great country of ours that you visit or have a vacation in that there is not a Parkrun for you to participate in.

Yamba Parkrun has been operating for over 3 years and every Saturday morning at Ford Park a dedicated team of volunteers hits the ground running, setting up the field with bright coloured poles, witches hats and banners, signs, and whatever else is needed to make sure all is in place for a 7am start.

Last Saturday, four runners clocked up their 100th run around Ford Park and it was time to celebrate, so Dale Lindsay and Jess Causley made the most of it at Latitude 29 with a Champagne spider and congratulated each on a magnificent effort.

If you are looking to upgrade your fitness level then why not be at Ford Park on any Saturday morning at 7am either to run, walk, jog or stroll, or just make new friends… and its completely free.

Tom Barnsley

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