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Yamba men’s lawn bowls

Posted February 26, 2020.

The final of the 2020 Minor Triples Championship will be contested this Thursday (February 27) following last week’s semi-finals. Both teams of finalists dominated their respective semi-finals to set up what appears to be an intriguing finals contest. 

The defending champions, ‘Maz’ Mazoudier, Erik Pedder and Paul Lozelle took early and dominant control of their match against Jeff Lowndes, Brian Kay and Mick Spence and never let up to take the semi-final by 35 shots to 16.  Keith Smith, Bob Gunning and Chris Gunning started slowly in their semi-final against Jake McHutchison, Brian Pennell and Dave Coupland but soon found form and rhythm to close out their opposition and the match by 28 – 12. The final will commence at 5.30pm.

The Major Triples Championship draw has been completed with the first round scheduled to commence at 9am on Sunday March 1 followed by the quarter-finals in the afternoon. An impressive field of talented bowlers and proven teams has nominated for this prestigious championship and whoever wins will have to truly earn this year’s title.

Also, on Sunday March 1, is the annual mixed social bowls trip to Park Beach in an attempt to recapture the elusive ‘Boomerang Trophy’ from the prodigious Park Beach Pirates. The participation sheet is on the notice board and more participants can be accommodated. Participants are required to pay for the trip by this Thursday (February 27). All are welcome, including family, visitors, etc.

Nomination sheets for the Club Major, Veteran and ‘C’ grade Singles Championships are on the notice board. Members are encouraged to participate in these classic championship events.

Men’s social bowls will continue on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. All games commence at 1pm and names need to be on the nomination sheets by 11.30am on the respective day of play. All nominations are guaranteed a game and visitors are most welcomed.

Wednesday February 19

Winners: Cliffe Vagg and Ian Parker; runners up: Bruce Blanch and Greg Johnson; Encouragement: Mark Bilton and Barry Carr.

Friday February 21

Winners: Matt Fester, Col Cohen and Steve Burns; runners up: Peter Dockery, Erik Pedder and Graham Meany; Encouragement: Doug Howat, Alan Reed and Steve Butler.

Don Freeman

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