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Yamba loves you!


Once again Yamba has had the privilege of hosting the annual Hot Rod Run.

How fantastic it is to hear the cars practically “purring” into and out of town. It is music to one’s ears.

They put on a great display with many people attending to look and drool over these cars. Then there are the proud owners that are more than willing to talk to you about their cars.

Not to mention that all the businesses in Yamba benefit from these visitors plus there is a wonderful vibe around town.

Maybe the numbers were down a little this year due to the bushfires in the state and the highways being closed, but nevertheless it was still a huge event.

Thank you especially to all members of the Hot Rod Association, the businesses that participated in this event and to the public.

It is wonderful to be walking along Yamba Road when you hear the cars coming and you give them a wave and they always wave back. Thankyou – Yamba loves you!

Sue Jones, Yamba

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