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Yamba ladies’ golf ‘Opening Day’

Opening Day winners' (l to r) Ann Groom, Phyllis Telfer, Jen O'Neill and Lynne White. Image: contribution

With weather forecasts being less than positive for Opening Day’s 18-hole Texas Stableford, numbers were slightly down. However, the gloomy weather didn’t dampen the spirits of the 44 ladies who participated and there was an audible, excited buzz in the green room as ladies caught up with each other after a six week hiatus over the holiday period.

A number of ladies were away on holidays so we will be looking forward to seeing them return over the coming weeks. It was also great to see Jeannie Doolan again after more than two months off due to injury. We hope your recovery continues, Jeannie.

We were all thrilled to see three ladies from the nine-holer group participating. Susan Boyce, Terri Collingburn and Jacky Penfold had a fabulous day and did themselves proud, so we hope to see lots more of them in future18-hole competitions.

Thanks must go to Kathy and Pat Lollback from Valley Finance who generously provided a pen for the 15 winners through to 3rd runners/up as well as Debbie May, Yamba Florist, who continues to be an ardent supporter by donating beautiful flowers each week.


Winners (Spar – vouchers/pen) with an incredible score of 108pts – Ann Groom, Lynne White, Jen O’Neill and Phyllis Telfer; runners/up (Yamba Fair Butchery – vouchers/pen) with 99pts – Darrie Nightingale, Ann Schuhmacher and Susan Boyce; 2nd r/up (Seafire Restaurant – vouchers/pen) with 98 pts – Sue Scott, Jenny Dewar, Judy Palich and Terri Collingburn; 3rd R/Up (Priceline vouchers/pen) with 96pts – Sandra Wallace, Leigh Robertson, Maiva Burnham and Julie Vernol.

Leigh’s NTP shot on the 3rd hole earned herself, Sandra W, Maiva and Julie V a ball. Likewise, Jeannie Doolan’s shot on the 12th meant that she, Lyn Rowland and Sandra Russo won a NTP ball as well.

Unfortunately, Friday’s competition was called off due to rain which, although much anticipated could have come on a different day. We were all looking forward to the game very much.

Eight Saturday ladies endured the rainy conditions but they didn’t deter Tana Lowe who won with 35pts and the NTP, closely followed by Gwynne Thomas on 33pts. Well done all.

Please remember to add your name to the sheet which is in the ladies’ locker room for the upcoming Maclean Hospital Charity Day to be held at Iluka on February 26. The $30 entry fee includes golf, a delicious lunch, morning and afternoon tea.

See you all this Wednesday for our Single Stableford game and this Friday for the VW Scramble. Hope you have entered a team. 

Leigh Robertson

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