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Yamba Greenkeeper is the best in the State

Simon Cooper (Senior Vice-President NSW BGA); Phil Boughton (Yamba Bowlo CEO); Graeme Brown (2019 NSW Greenkeeper of the Year); Ian Lauder (Yamba Bowlo President) & Mike Darlington (Living Turf’s Award sponsor). Image: contributed

Graeme Brown, the head greenkeeper at the Yamba Bowling and Recreation Club, has been named the 2019 NSW Greenkeeper of the Year at a ceremony held at the Cabramatta Bowling Club in Sydney last week.

The annual Greenkeeper of the Year Award is the most prestigious accolade awarded for bowling greenkeepers in NSW and is awarded by the NSW Bowling Greenkeepers’ Association. The award recognises outstanding performance in greenkeeping, including quality of greens and surrounds, machinery storage, chemical storage, awareness of environmental programs and professional approach and contribution to the industry.

There are 503 clubs in NSW so to win the award is a real achievement and just reward for Graeme and his team, Nathan Curtis and Tony Adermann.

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