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Yamba Country Music

Due to a bout of flu the recent program as advertised with Kiara Rodrigues did not eventuate, however Ballina based artist Lyn Jerrett took on the lead role in great fashion.

Combining Lyn with her musical buddies from way back when, just had the stories and music flowing. Always at ease with in the company of particularly John Warren, Peter Johnson and Wazza, Lyn contributed two great sets of entertainment, and we are all truly grateful for her standing in at such short notice.

In the meantime we wish Kiara well and only hope we can gain her services at some point in the future. Her booking here at Yamba had been made and confirmed in March 2018. We can only hope that she can fit us in sometime in the New Year. 

Next Muster August 25, Diane Coombes as guest.

Graeme Routson

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