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Yamba celebrates New Years Eve

The 9pm fireworks display at Ford Park, Yamba, drew a large crowd. Image: Lynne Mowbray.

Lynne Mowbray |

Despite the windy conditions on New Year’s Eve, a large crowd gathered in Ford Park Yamba for the early fireworks display at 9pm.

Friends and families gathered early in the park, set up with picnic rugs, food platers and Esky’s, to enjoy the evening’s carnival atmosphere.

Elsewhere in Yamba the crowd gathered slowly throughout the evening to get their vantage spot for the midnight fireworks display.

While the Pacific Hotel is usually the place to be for New Years Eve in Yamba; restaurants, bars and clubs around the town were also doing a roaring trade, with many seeing the crowds flowing out onto the footpath.

There were plenty of private parties also happening around the town with residents and holiday makers gathering on balconies and in backyards, to see the New Year in.

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