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Women Of Arts’ Exhibition


On behalf of the Yamba Museum we would like to say a heartfelt thanks to the Grafton and Tenterfield and Yulgilbar Museums for working with us in making the ‘Clarence River Women Of Arts’ Exhibition a major success.

To the 50 female artists who trusted us with their diverse artworks thank you for believing in us and that we could showcase your art in a professional manner.

There were many heart warming moments and comments about the exhibition and it was received very favourably by the wider community.

Our special guests who opened the exhibition, singer song writer Grace Hickey and opera singer Michelle Ryan stole the show and brought tears to the eyes of some in the audience who exclaimed they had never expected to hear and or see such quality in our region.

It takes many people to create a successful exhibition including the volunteers at the museum who always do an amazing job.

On behalf of the team
Exhibition Curator, Debrah Novak & Museum President, Marea Buist

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