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Will the Clarence cop a Cangai copper mine?

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Is it any wonder that opposition to a copper mine at Cangai near the Mann River inland from Grafton is growing (CVI 20/2/19).

A reason for such great concern about yet another environmental issue is that we face both our State election in March and our Federal election in May.

Now pre-election promises are very important for as a very crafty former Prime Minister sagely commented about pre-election promises, “It all depends if it is a CORE or a non-core promise.”

Regarding the copper mine, Mr Galaptis the Member for Clarence said, “I would not support any short term gain from mining activity over the preservation of our environment” and that the Northern Rivers is, “probably not the most suitable location for mining because it is a pristine area not mined very much in the past.”

My partner and I have visited the Mann River at Cangai several times and in our camping trips over much of Australia we have never seen any cleaner river than the Mann River which does indeed always appear to be in pristine condition. However the pre-election  comments from Mr Gulaptis are hardly a ringing endorsement for the vital importance of protecting the natural environment on which we humans depend, so is it any wonder that Ms von Ahlefeldt of the Stop Cangai Mine community group is voicing the group’s concerns about the possibility of the copper mine at Cangai being re-opened?

Now what’s the difference between two of our major supermarket chains? A miserable 10 cents on a litre of milk! That will really help our struggling Clarence Valley dairy farmers.

And when you look at some of the huge environmental challenges facing today’s kids and the paltry response from all three of our major political parties to environmental challenges, is there really much difference between the responses of the government and the opposition party?

So it won’t be any surprise if many kids Australia-wide participate in the coming school students’ strike on 15th March, just to show we adults and those we elect that today’s kids do care about the environment on which they depend.

Harry Johnson, Iluka

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