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Where’s our boat ramp?


I’d like to bring readers attention to the Sportsman Creek boat ramp which has been closed since the commencement of our new bridge which was completed back in February… 6 months early. Plans included the restoration of the boat ramp which was damaged during the build and supposedly to be restored once the bridge was completed, but currently no such luck.

All or most of the boat ramps have been restored in Yamba, Iluka and Brushgrove. I have expressed my concerns with the RMS and CVC who seem to be buck passing.

Lawrence has an aging population who find it difficult to both launch and retrieve boats from the existing ramp due to wind and tidal flow and the poor maintenance of the ramp in general. The ramp is slippery and I have never seen it pressure washed to remove the moss.

We have the option of going to Yamba (30kms away) where we can launch and retrieve in the quiet waters near the co-op or fight the outgoing tide and winds that seem to blow up around midday. On two occasions we have had visitors to the area help us retrieve our boat.

Apparently submissions were placed by the local fishing club that we have a pontoon in Sportsman’s Creek which has been agreed to by both CVC and the RMS. The contractors have left their building mound in the park with ugly orange tape surrounding it; they tell us that the old bridge will be demolished by 2019. I pray to God we don’t have to wait till then for our boat ramp as it is needed now, not then.

Anne Warburton, Lawrence

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