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What’s in a name?

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Following a visit from Fran Dowsett from this newspaper, I needed to think about a small advertisement to be placed in the paper’s upcoming special focus page, on the Yamba Industrial Estate.

Reflecting on when Nicholson Fine Foods opened in 2002 and how the estate has changed over the years, it struck me that the name Yamba Industrial Estate, is no longer representative of the types business in 2019 and its connection to the community of the Lower Clarence.

Sure you can buy some hardware items, have your caravan repaired, catch the bus, have new blinds for the house made and get a new kitchen, but the estate is so much more.

There is a gym, a dance studio, pottery studio, art gallery – studio, artisan bakery, fine food manufacturer, picture framing, interior design arts café, garden centre, Moroccan tribal arts, tee shirt printing and lots more.

My point is, I believe a name change is worth consideration. Industrial Estate is so last century, I would like to suggest “Yamba Trades and Arts Zone”.

Peter Nicholson, Nicholson Fine Foods

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