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What’s happening at the Romiaka Channel Bridge?

Geoff Helisma |

Over recent weeks motorists who cross the Romiaka Channel Bridge adjacent to the construction of the new bridge have had to negotiate a steadily worsening ‘dip’, which is most noticeable on the western approach on Palmers Island.

Also, many people are wondering when the new bridge will be completed, given it was timetabled for completion by the end of June.

Clarence Valley Council responded to the Independent’s enquiry with the following statement from the council’s works and civil director Troy Anderson: “Council acknowledges the initial completion date has passed.

“This is a result of some compliance issues within the contract and additional time taken by the contractor to complete certain tasks.
“Council is working with the contractor to ensure the bridge is delivered to specification.
“Any budget required adjustments will be reported to council as needed.
“While construction is being undertaken, council will continue to monitor the existing bridge and its approaches to ensure integrity of the structure.
“Council hopes to undertake temporary profile correction work on the approaches in the next week.”

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