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Westlawn golf

Players took to the fairways on Sunday for a 4BBB Stableford event and with the warm conditions there were some pretty hot scores to be had.

The best score of the day was a fine 24 points had by Wilson Burns and Peter Chessell along with Russ Tangye and Joe Armstrong, closely followed by Geoff McInerney and Rod Jackson with 23 points and two teams, Alan Atkinson and Wal Hambly  and Mark Newman and Jason Casserly both with 22 points. Nice scoring gentlemen.

There were two Waterboy memberships taken out on Sunday that I know about, Dave Lynch on the 9th and Dave Morgan on the 7th, I had four different players come up and tell me about Dave Morgan’s effort on the 7th so it must be true. Also Bob McFarlane and Charles Doggett both owned up to taking out memberships last week, Bob on the 1st  and Charles on the 2nd. It is nice to see water in the hazards again after them being dry for such a long time. Welcome to the Club for 2019 gentlemen.

Next Sunday is a Stroke event for the W Tozer and G Williams sponsored monthly medal. Starters will be G Reynolds and N Winters with D Lynch to handle the results.

Longest drives sponsored by Geoff McCowen went to John Blanch and Wal Hambly, with the least putts sponsored by Dave Tasker and Rod Jackson and the Eagles nest is sponsored by Dally Clark and Nev Winters.

Sunday February will be a Stableford event. Starters will be T Ord and J Blanch with D Blair to handle the results.

Dave Lynch

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