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Water pressure reductions installed

Water flow restrictors have been installed in some Clarence Valley homes of residents who despite repeated reminders, have failed to pay for their water use.

Water consumers were given plenty of opportunity to pay, and were advised their water flow would be reduced if they didn’t respond. An example of this is one customer had 27 reminders and only contacted council after the restrictor was installed.

A water supply is still available when the flow restrictors are installed, but water pressure is greatly reduced.

The devices would be removed when consumers pay their outstanding accounts.

Clarence Valley Council general manager, Ashley Lindsay, said “about 97% of people do the right thing and pay on time, but they are effectively subsidising the 3% who don’t pay.”

“It is not fair on the majority.

“If you’re experiencing difficulty paying your account, please contact us early to make payment arrangements rather than leaving it to the last minute.”

“The sooner you start making payments the better it is for all.”

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