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Uncontrolled dogs Iluka/Yamba

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In response to Lee-Anne Jones (CVI 7/3/18), locals without dogs pay the same rates as dogs owners. Clearly dogs are an expense for Council. Local and visitors without dogs also spend money in local cafes and businesses, with far less costs to Council and the environment.

Dog owners should not expect others to provide material for them to pick up their own dog faeces. Responsible dog ownership includes picking up the dog faeces, this responsibility also includes NOT allowing their dog/dogs to be jumping, running at or attacking non dog owners just because they are allowed on a beach which is a public area that is not for the exclusive use of dog owners.  

I usually walk where dogs are not allowed off leash or not supposed to be at all, but dog owners just ignore this. So where do you go for a SAFE and quiet walk? 

Finally, I have found if you say anything directly to some dog owners about their dog’s behaviour they then use their dogs as weapons.  

All dog owners should have to take out dog damages/risk insurance. After all you don’t even know if the dog trying to bite you, sniff you, jump on you and knock you over is even registered or vaccinated.

Paula Searle,

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