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Clarence Valley Muster – ULMARRA SUNDAY MAY 13

One of the UK’s most cherished entertainers, Charlie Landsborough, is amid his final tour of Australia.
After five visits Down Under, Landsborough has amassed a legion of loyal fans, but he’s decided it’s time to bid a fond farewell to his Aussie mates with a five-week tour around the country – and the site of the Clarence Valley Country Muster in Ulmarra will host him this Sunday May 13, Mother’s Day.

Landsborough came to international attention with his best-selling hit, What Colour is the Wind, his own composition about a little blind boy’s take on the world through unseeing eyes.

Any Landsborough performance can include music that ranges from inspirational to country, ballad to anthem, folk to blues – and all very easy on the ears.

Landsborough’s musical amigos for his farewell lap of the country include some of Australia’s finest players: The Charlie Landsborough Band, featuring Vaughan Jones on keyboard; Kelvin Nolan on lead guitar and Dallas Southam on pedal steel/dobro.

Gates open at 11am, concert starts around noon; follow the signs from the highway down Coldstream Street, tickets available at the gate.

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