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Tradies chip in to rebuild sheds

Pictured Front- Yamba Mitre10 owner Matt White, Yamba Golf Club CEO Luke Stephenson, vice-president Yamba Lions Club - Judy Mills, president of Yamba Rotary Club – Vic Doe. Background - members of Rotary and Lion Clubs of Yamba. Image: Fran Dowsett

Local tradies and construction industry took the day off the tools recently to converge on the Yamba Golf and Country Club for the annual ‘Builders Picnic Day’ fundraiser.

Mitre 10 and Yamba Golf Club partnered with the Lions Club of Yamba to raise funds for both the Lions Club and Yamba Rotary, to help rebuild storage sheds and replace equipment that was destroyed by fire, late last year.

A massive total of $12,000 was raised and donated to the Lions and Rotary Club’s.

Secretary – Yamba Lions Club, Peter Hudson said that the money from the fundraiser will be used towards restoring/repairing their little Merry-Go-Round and train, both of which are iconic items in the Yamba community.

“For over 20 years they have been used to support school fetes, sports days and to support general fund raising, on their behalf,” Mr Hudson said.

“In fact, many of the parents rode them when they were children themselves.

“We will also need to build a new storage shed to house this equipment and the bulk of this donation will go towards rebuilding the shed.

“The Yamba community has been really generous in supporting the Lions Club and we look forward to returning the favour when these items are functioning once more.

“The community can rest assured that all donations to the Lions Club are normally utilised 100 per-cent in support of community projects, however in this case, it will provide the Lions Club with the financial assistance to rebuild and enable it to continue its work within the Yamba school community. So, these funds really mean a great deal to our Club,” he said.

President of the Yamba Rotary Club Vic Doe said that the Rotary Club of Yamba was humbled and proud to receive a cheque for $6000 from Matt and Bruce at Yamba Mitre 10, and Luke from the Yamba Golf Club, from last year’s very successful Mitre 10 golf day fundraiser.

“Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the trades people and members of the Yamba community who participated and dug deep at this event,” Mr Doe said. 

“The destruction of the Rotary Club’s shed and possessions resulting from arson in November last year, has deeply impacted on our Clubs ability to provide services to the Yamba community and to our neighbours currently affected by the bushfires and drought.

“These funds from this donation will help the Rotary Club of Yamba rebuild and repurchase many valuable items that were lost.

“The task of rebuilding has now been made that much easier with this generous gift.

“Mitre 10 Yamba and the Yamba Golf Club continue to support Yamba Rotary and all community clubs, for which we’re extremely grateful,” he said.

The ‘Builder’s Picnic Day’ has been running for year’s lead by Bruce Tarvit of Mitre 10 and supported by the local tradies to raise funds for local charities. Tradies have donated time and money to build local amenities and support the nominated charities with donations.

The golf cart auction is always very popular. The highest bid of $350 was no surprise due to the limited carts available, providing high demand and the ongoing generosity of the bidders. The chipping competition also provides valuable donations and is always entertaining.

Mitre 10 general manager Matt White said that he was happy with the result.

“We know the Lions and Rotary Club’s provide wonderful support for the community, so it was a pleasure to provide them with much needed funds to help replace what they have lost in the fire and assist them to rebuild as quickly as possible. We know this will help them to continue their great work and support for our community,” said Matt.

Yamba Golf Club general manager Luke Stephenson said that the ‘Builders Picnic Day’, is always a great event and very well supported by the local builders.

“This year, being able to contribute back to Lions and Rotary after their loss, made the day even more rewarding,” Mr Stephenson said.

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