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The Stunned Mullets – Yamba Golf Club Friday October 12

High tech duo, The Stunned Mullets, plays exclusively Australian pop and rock music from the late ’70s and early ’80s. Shane Dixon and Warren Walker combine 50 years of performing (between them) and the latest technology to deliver a top class show.

Expect to hear covers of songs by Australian Crawl, Mental as Anything, The Radiators, The Angels, Skyhooks, Paul Kelly, The Models, INXS, Mondo Rock and Men at Work, to name a few.

Striving to create a nostalgic atmosphere of Australian music and culture from what they like to call the Hey Hey it’s Saturday era, the duo creates a happy and friendly vibe.

The Stunned Mullets play at the Yamba Golf & Country Club this Friday night October 12.

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