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The Lyrical – Pacific Hotel Sat May 12

The Lyrical (Karl Smith) returns to the Pacific Hotel this Saturday night May 12.

In January 2017 he filmed much of the video for his song F**k it All in Yamba and Angourie; the live scenes were filmed in the Pacific Hotel – check it out on Youtube.

This Saturday he will no doubt play music from his forthcoming album Remember the Roots, including his single, I Will Run¸ due to be released on May 24.

“I can’t wait for you guys to hear this one!” he says on his Facebook page.“It is quite a departure compared to other things I’ve written as (and bear with me here) a lot of this one was written while I slept.
“I know it sounds weird, but I legit woke up one morning and was frantically grabbing pen and paper to get this one down!
“It’s in a 6/8 time signature (which I had never done before) and has bridges and breakdowns like no other song I had written up to that point.
“Not entirely sure where it came from or why, but I’m glad it did.”

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