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Sunshine Sugar makes it into Food & Beverage Industry Awards

Sunshine Sugar‘s Low GI sugar is continuing to attract the attention of consumers and food and beverage makers across the country. The latest highlight for this locally grown and made sugar is that it has been named as a finalist in the 2019 Food & Beverage Industry Awards.

The Food & Beverage Industry Awards were established in 2004 to recognise and reward best practice and innovation in food and beverage manufacturing in Australia and New Zealand.

Sunshine Sugar CEO, Mr Chris Connors said, “This product innovation is an important part of our business strategy and not only provides a new product for us to market, but it provides choice for those customers looking for a healthier, all-natural ingredient option.”

Now in their 16th year, the Food & Beverage Industry Awards have become a pivotal event in the food and beverage industry’s calendar, bringing manufacturers, large and small, together to celebrate some of the latest and greatest new product launches.

Sunshine Sugar Low GI sugar has been named as a finalist in the Ingredient Innovation category. Winners will be announced at the Awards Gala Dinner which is being held on July 18 at Doltone House, Pyrmont.

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