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South Grafton Women’s Bowls – ‘Our Betty is a star’

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A day for Betty Essex. Image: Contributed

Tuesday April 3 – social bowls
Three more rounds of Major Singles were played, occasioning selectors to field two teams of fours and one of triples alongside the championship games. Lovely to see so many social bowlers, but left us a bit strapped for rinks. A very humid, steamy morning saw the six games result in the following:
SGWBC Major Singles Championship rinks: Rink (2) J Axon d N Graham 25-16 (Marker P Lollback); Rink (3). A Bunn d C Smidt 25-11 (Marker D Allison); Rink (4). C Kane d P Harvey 25-12 (Marker M Sales).
Social bowls: Rink (1). J Myers, D Rankin, S Austen & E McKew d V Neve, M Moran, M Mulligan & M Andrew 12-8; Rink (5). B Ford, P Knox, J Kowal & D McLachlan d E Whitford, R Pendergast, I Heppell & G Ryan 21-7; Rink (6). M Ford, S Mandelc & M Williams d B Essex, H Nickless & R Hodge 24-13.
Winning rink: (6) J Myers, D Rankin, S Austen, E McKew. Lucky team: (3) A Bunn & D Allison Marker.
The resting toucher went to Anna Bunn and the competition prizes to N Graham & E Whitford.

Thursday April 5 – social bowls
Five rinks of social bowlers today, two of pairs and three of triples, one utilising a swinging lead. What a pleasure it is too to see so many of our members fronting up for a game both Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

The results from the five matches were as follows:
Rink (2). P Gray (Swinging lead), E Whitford & H Nichols d P Gray (SL), M Sales & E McKew 21-12; Rink (3). N Graham & A Bunn d M King & M Andrew 17-12; Rink (4). A Milligan, I Gough & G Cupples d B Essex, V Stevens & P lollback 28-4; Rink (5). D Rankin, B Ford & J Kowal d M Gallagher, H Nickless & R Hodge 19-16; Rink (6). P Knox & C Nixon d S Austen & C Kane 20-16.
Winning Rink (6). P Knox, C Nixon. Lucky team (6). S Austen & C Kane.
The resting toucher went to Phyll Knox and the competition prizes to Rob Hodge & Betty Essex.

Saturday April 14
We are having a special day as a mark of appreciation for all the things our lovely Betty Essex does for our Club. If she’s not baking fluffy, jam and cream covered scones or arriving with produce from her veggie garden to share with all, then she’s making goodies for special functions or rolling up her sleeves and getting down to the elbow grease part of any good event. Meanwhile out on the Green at 90 yrs old, she can still run rings around most of us.
Next Saturday April 14 we are inviting all members, men & women; as well as any friends of Betty who might like to join us for afternoon tea and an optional game of bowls commencing at 1pm with a game of bowls @ $10 a head then afternoon tea at approximately 2.45pm.
All very welcome. Our Betty is a star and it will be nice for us to spoil this very special lady for a change.

D McLachlan

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