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South Grafton Minor Singles

2018 SGWBC Minor Singles Champion, Helen Nickless (left) with r/up Irene Gough. Image: Contributed

Tuesday September 4 – social bowls.

The 2018 Minor Singles was played and completed, alongside a further Consistency round; however of the three social rinks only one was fully completed due to rain interruptions and then only as a cobbled together team of those who didn’t mind getting wet.

The results of all matches were:
2018 Minor singles championship final: Rink (3). H Nickless d I Gough 25-20 (marker President J Kowal) in a fantastic game. These two relatively new bowlers challenged each other throughout the game, with heads that the players on TV would be proud to claim. One of the best matches we’ve watched in a long time. Congratulation Helen and well done Irene.

Consistency singles round: Rink (4). D Allison d P Knox 150-138 (marker N Graham). Another top game these girls can be proud of. Think they all must love the wet.

Social bowls (rain interrupted): Rink 1). B Ford & J Gebetsberger d D Fitzsimmons & M Andrew 12-8; Rink (2). N Newton (swinging lead), C Nixon & A Bunn d N Newton (SL), M King & E McKew 17-12; Rink (5). L Betts, M Sales & D McLachlan d B Essex, S Mandelc & H Nichols 7-5.

Winning Rink (1). B Ford. J Gebetsberger.

Lucky team (10): B Essex, S Mandelc, H Nichols.The resting toucher went to Joan Gebetsberger, the Competition prizes to H Nichols & the second chance draw to T Newsome.

Thursday September 6 – social bowls.

A bit better day with regards to weather conditions but a few still away with sniffles etc. Three more Consistency singles rounds and two rinks of social bowls were the order of the day and the results were as follows:
Consistency singles: Rink (2). A Bunn d L Betts 150-83 (marker P Knox); Rink (3). H Nickless d S Newby 150-80 (marker M Sales); Rink (4). I Gough d E Casson 150-115 (marker J Gebetsberger).

Social bowls: Rink (1). P Gray (swinging lead), M King, J Kowal & H Nichols d P Gray (SL), D Fitzsimmons, R Hodge & E McKew 15-13; Rink (5). B Essex, E Whitford & B Ford d M Gallagher, P Lollback & C Kane 24-15.
Winning Rink (2). A Bunn (marker P Knox).
Lucky team (4). S Newby (marker M Sales).

The resting toucher went to Lynn Betts and the competition prizes to Elwynne Casson & Phyll Knox.
Don’t forget everyone to join us for our ‘Bowls for Bales’ morning. All welcome, social, mixed or fully affiliated bowlers. Single nominations as normal.

D McLachlan

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