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Shiny moon dancers – Harwood Friday 9th Feb

The last time the Moonshiners took the stage at the Harwood pub, a trailer carrying a Corvette belonging to Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham ended up in a ditch a few kilometres up the highway. As a result, the Moonshiners’ drummer, Sam Schlenker, ended up stuck on the highway not ten minutes from his gig watching the clock in his car tick away the 45 minutes of the band’s first set.

Meanwhile, the remaining Moonshiners enlisted Nick Jansen (of Nick and Sam) to fill in as the fourth moonshiner. Drummer Sam arrived right at the end of the first set, set up his drums and prepared to rock.

Three songs in to set number two, the power went out. Singer/guitarist Ryan Enns and violinist Lauren Illig took it as an opportunity to play an acoustic set until the power came back on. The power never came back on.

The punters were treated to a raucous acoustic third set of drums, guitar and fiddle, while bass player Dane Byrne looked on, wishing he played a cooler instrument … or at least one that worked without electricity.

Come see the Moonshiners triumphant return to the Harwood this Friday February 9, “when I’m sure”, says Enns, “everything will go a lot more smoothly”.

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