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Shag Rock – Pacific Hotel Fri July 13

Shag Rock’s star cast its glow above the horizon when Powderfinger’s Ian Hugh signed the Brisbane group to his independent record label, Airlock Records, in late 2014.

A subsequent self-titled EP released in 2015 and some stage sharing with other bands of similar ilk and key performances at the Jungle Love Festival, Red Deer Music and Arts Festival, Grampians Music Festival and Surfers Paradise Live resulted in a somewhat brighter star.

In February 2017, the group entered the studio with Ian Haug to record its rollicking debut album, Barefoot.

The single, Sunbleached Girl, proved to be a groundbreaker and the group toured for rest of 2017 on its back, including a trip to the USA to perform at the Mondo Music Conference and also at World Surf League headquarters in Santa Monica, California.

Sunbleached Girl was mixed by Nick DiDia (Pearl Jam, Incubus) and has since clocked 1.76 million streams on Spotify; meanwhile, their song, Champagne, has managed 654k plays.

From a mutual love of procrastination and arvo beers to amassing over five million streams and sold-out cross-continent performances, Shag Rock is not your average sunset brew.

Check the group out at the Pacific Hotel this Friday night July 13, before they drive off over the hill and far away into a golden sunset.

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