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Scots chuffed about new ‘Aussie’ flag

Maclean’s Scottish Town in Australia Association is the “grateful recipient of a new Australian national flag” courtesy of Federal member for Page Kevin Hogan.

“It replaces one that was starting to show the signs of age and exposure to the elements,” the association’s president, Bob MacPherson, said.

“The new flag now flies proudly in Maclean’s McLachlan Park directly opposite the Scottish Shop and Tourist Information Centre.

“The photograph shows the new flag flying above the Scottish Australian Heritage flag and the Maclean Scottish Town banner.”

Mr MacPherson said it was “particularly pleasing for our many volunteers, who staff the shop and welcome the many visitors to our town”.

“To receive this kind of recognition for their efforts and the contribution the association makes to the commerce of the town, Kevin’s gift is very much appreciated,” he said.

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