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Ryan Giles – Pacific Hotel Friday 13 March

Ryan Giles was born into a musical family and first picked up a guitar at age 6. Playing in bands with his high school friends revealed another talent – he could sing.

Soon enough, his punk band, Week Of Saturday, scored supports for popular bands of the day such as Frenzal Rhomb, Machine Gun Fellatio and Screaming Jets. However, in 2006 Giles hit the recording studios in Byron Bay and recorded a stack of songs across various genres including pop, soul, rock, country, reggae and funk. Solid gigging followed, especially around South East Queensland and the Northern Rivers region.

Giles, who is now based on the Sunshine Coast, takes to the Pacific Hotel stage this Friday night March 13, where he will no doubt play his song, Invited, which was recorded in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

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