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Rosters become the feather dusters once again

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With the start of a new year, 14 shooters assembled at the 300 yard for a fresh start for the beginning of the Grafton Rifle Club Grebert Shield competition. With fish tailing mirage, a light nor easterly wind and bright light it didn’t stop some people from getting good scores.

After my depreciating comment about F-class shooters hardly getting possibles last week, I was forced to eat my words with Sue Bloomer shooting a 60 with one center and John B Bloomer getting a 60 with four.  Not all was lost in target rifle with co-club champion Nick Abrahall shooting a 50 with six centers.

In target rifle the Grafton Shoppingworld Butchery top off rifle trophy went down to the wire with Grafton’s newest hot shot Nick Cock proving consistency is key by shooting a pair of 49’s with six centers each for an off rifle score of 98 with 12 beating co-club champing Nick Abrahall by two centers.

F-class standard was also a close call with Sue Bloomer edging John Bloomer out by one point by shooting a 56 with one center and a 60 with one center, winning the Grafton Shoppingworld Butchery top off rifle trophy with a score of 116 with two centers.

F-class open had a competition for the first time in quite a while with Tony McKenna dragging a couple of stragglers along who summarily flogged him. With Jillian Few shooting an excellent pair of 59’s one with two centers the other with six centers for an off rifle score of 118.8 and the Grafton Shoppingworld Butchery top off rifle trophy beating coach Tony McKenna’s 58 with three and 59 with five and first timer Joshua Few making up the rest of the numbers shooting a great score for 56 with three centers and a 59 with three. We hope you two continue with the sport we would hate to see that talent not in the sport.

Anyone wishing to view any results on the electronic targets may so by following this link:

Next week rimfire class will be shooting standing up at 30 meters, sign on at 8.30 for a 9am start, with handguns at lunch, after which we will pop up the targets at 500 yards for a practice/muck around after which we will commence the 2nd stage of the Grebert Shield at 400 yards aiming for a 1pm start.

We would like to invite anyone who would like to take up target shooting, no experience or license is required however some conditions do apply. The range is located at 434 Trenayr Road, opposite the Koppers Log Mill and adjacent to the Experiment Farm.


Target rifle                1st          2nd        agg

Nick Cock                 49.6       49.6       98.12

Nick Abrahall            50.6       48.4       98.10

Dennis Hilton            49.2       48.4       97.6

Peter Brown               47.3       49.8       96.11

Chris McKenzie        48.4       47.4       95.8

Dave Grundy             94.6

F-class standard       1st          2nd        agg

Sue Bloomer              56.1       60.1       116.2

John Bloomer            55.3       60.4       115.7

Wayne Pearson          54.1       54.1       108.2

Griffo                         57.1       54.1       111.2

Tony O’Keeffe          54.2       51.1       105.3

F-class open              1st          2nd        agg

Jillian Few                 59.2       59.6       118.8

Tony McKenna          58.3       59.5       117.8

Joshua Few                56.3       59.3       115.6

Chris McKenzie

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