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‘Return and Earn’ now at Townsend

Members having a practice run in how to bag up the recyclables. Image: contributed

Lynne Mowbray |

Thanks to the initiative of the Maclean Lions Club, members of the community can now recycle their cans and bottles at Townsend.

As from Sunday August 18, people can recycle their cans and bottles at the Maclean Lions Club shed, located in Ironbark Drive, Townsend, opposite Andrew Passmore’s Auto Electrician and beside the Landcare nursery.

The Maclean Lions Club will be acting as an agent for the NSW Return and Earn scheme, on Sunday and Wednesday mornings between 9am – 1pm, where locals can cash in their bulk supply of cans and bottles.

Maclean Lions Club vice-president Denise Worrill said there will be no more need to drive out of town to deposit these items into a machine.

“Locals will be able to bring along their collection and redeem them for their .10 cents,” Ms Worrill said.

“The Lions Club is taking on a big initiative here, so if any members of the community would like to help out with the sorting of cans, we would really appreciate the help. Come along for some fun and a coffee.

“Local clubs and charities may also return their collections.

“Should you wish to donate your cans to the Lions club; any money raised in this initiative, will be given back to our local community,” she said.

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