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Restless soul – Yamba Bowlo Friday 9th Feb

James Mcq sometimes has trouble sleeping. His restless soul has propelled his song-writing, to produce a catalogue of folk rock songs on the east coast of Victoria. During his teen years Mcq fronted several surf/psych bands, headlining rural pub venues and selling out small house concerts.

But the city beckoned, drawing him to pursue a solo career.

Going back to his roots and picking up his acoustic guitar, Mcq focuses on storytelling though dark ballads. He has enjoyed some success in the west and played at The Nannup Folk Festival and opened for King of the North on their sold out tour.

Check out his Facebook page for all the info you need, or take a punt and hear and see him play in the Boardwalk Bar this Friday night at Bowlo Sports & Leisure Yamba.

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