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Remember just who’s money they are splashing around


I couldn’t help but be impressed with the speed at which our Councillors were able to be convinced to part with $175,000 of ratepayer’s money.

The concept of providing “affordable housing” is in the same class as Motherhood. It’s almost impossible to be NOT in favour. This doesn’t mean however, that all of us wish to become mothers (especially when 50% of us are male). Similarly, I would have thought it preferable to have been ASKED if I wished to contribute to this worthy cause.

Perhaps, if the argument was so compelling, the Councillors who voted in favour could have had a quick whip around and paid this money out of their own pockets! This would have been even more commendable rather than spending some of my rate money.

As one of South Grafton’s “lower socioeconomic disadvantaged” who, after years of struggle and doing without, managed to become a modest rate payer, I would suggest that the councillors should perhaps remember just who’s money they are splashing around.

Graham Turner, South Grafton

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