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Remediation of STP sites completed

Geoff Helisma|

Clarence Valley Council (CVC) has completed the demolition and remediation of three redundant sewerage treatment plant sites at Maclean, Townsend and Ilarwill.

The final cost of the project, $4,109,767, is $2,159,767 over the project’s allocated budget; however, it did not come as a surprise to councillors because progress reports have been published in CVC’s business papers since the project was commissioned in November of 2016.

The council’s sewer reserve fund paid for the cost overrun as the works progressed and was accounted for as “works in progress”, the report to council states; a “resolution [by councillors] is required to formally authorise and finalise the reserve transfers”.

“Variations and increases in provisional sums related to EPA [Environment Protection Authority] requirements for contaminated material to be exported off site [and] the importation of substitute material,” the report to council states, “and additional testing, sampling and reporting required by the site auditor for approval of the remediation action plans for each site.

“Addressing these issues extended the duration of the rehabilitation contract, which incurred additional project management costs.”

Meanwhile, CVC is likely to put the Ilarwill site up for sale on the open market (pending the councillors’ decision], due to the adjoining neighbour withdrawing their interest in purchasing the land.

At the Maclean site, a boundary adjustment survey has been completed and submitted for registration. “When registration is completed, a property valuation will be undertaken and the property offered for sale to the adjoining landowner,” the report to council states.

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