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Recognising our Local Sporting Champions

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Tyler Hogden and Kate Atkin with Kevin Hogan. Image: contributed

Could 16-year old Tyler Hogden be Australia’s best dragon boat athlete and could 15-year old Kate Atkin play for Australia in hockey at the next Olympics?

Perhaps 18-year-old Lillian Doyle is the next Tayla Harris when it comes to AFL?

Will 14-year old Kali Swift & Jorja White, along with 16-year old Kalila Bell play for the Australian Diamonds netball team?

And could 16-year old Tyler Gaddes play for the Australian hockey team, and 18-year old Morgen Parkin could one day win Surf Life Saver of the Year.

Only time will tell, but Federal Member for Page Kevin Hogan is making sure that eight young Clarence Valley Sporting Champions are given every opportunity to follow their dreams.

At a Local Sporting Champions Award morning tea last week, Mr Hogan presented the local teenagers with a certificate in recognition of their achievements and confirmed their grants from the Local Sporting Champions program.

“Those who received the awards have excelled themselves representing the Clarence Valley on the national and state stage,” he said.

The Local Sporting Champions program provides financial assistance to young people aged between 12 and 18 years to compete, coach or umpire in their chosen sport.

“The Clarence Valley has produced some outstanding sportspeople in the past, and it is important that we support the next crop of our local sporting talent,” Mr Hogan said.

“Unfortunately succeeding in sport doesn’t just take talent and determination – parents also often have to put their hands in their pockets to get their children to competitions. I’m very pleased to be able to help these families with financial support through these grants.

“Sport is important in the development of young people: it teaches them life-long skills like teamwork, keeps them fit and healthy, and allows them to excel in something they love and enjoy.

“I encourage any budding champions out there who have the opportunity of competing at a state, national or international event to apply for a grant by contacting my office or checking out the website”

In no particular order, our latest Clarence Valley Sporting Champions are:

  • Lillian Doyle, 18yo, National AFL Championships
  • Tyler Gaddes, 16yo, 2019 School Sport Australia International Hockey Tour
  • Kalila Bell, 16yo, NSW State Age Netball Championships
  • Kate Atkin, 15yo, 2019 U15 Outdoor Boys & Girls Hockey Championships
  • Morgen Parkin, 18yo, 2019 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships
  • Tyler Hogden, 16yo, 14th International Dragon Boat Federation World Nations Championships
  • Kali Swift, 14yo, Netball NSW Junior State Titles
  • Jorja White, 14yo, Junior State Titles

For more information about the program, go to

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