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Rain keeps Yamba golf numbers down

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After some long overdue rain washed out Thursday’s competition there were a few anxious golfers waiting to play on Saturday and with the ground still wet from the 100 or so mills preferred lies were put on making scoring easier.

Plenty of visitors were in Saturday’s Stableford competition with locals taking all the prizes, Dave Bruton took out A Grade with 41pts from Greg Starr 40pts on a count back from Rex Bolte.

In B Grade Kris Thomsen was the winner with 42pts from Mark Phillips 41 and Stephen Hardwick was 3rd with 39pts on a c/b.

Harold Roberts took out C grade by 4 shots returning 41pts from Stephen Cassidy 37 and John Ralph was 3rd with 35pts on a c/b.

Nearest to the Pins were; On the John Wright Pro Shop 3rd Mike Grills at 97cm, the Peter Campbell Physio 9th was Dave Bruton 138cm, the SeaFire Steak and Seafood 10th went to Dave McGregor at 142cm, the SeaFire 12th was Murray Connor from Moree at 226cm, the Bean Scene 17th was Dave Bruton’s 2nd at 1450cm and the 2nd shot 17th went to Ardy Denehy at 165.

Balls for the day went to 35 with 20 on the back 9.

Good luck to our number 3 Pennant side who were our only team to make the final next Sunday, do the club proud boys.

Chris Durrington

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