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Queensland ‘Young Guns’ win the 2019 Bi-Rite Yamba Classic Pairs

The 2019 Bi-Rite Yamba Classic Pairs tournament was contested on the weekend with a full field of 54 teams competing. Although the weather was not the greatest, with positive attitudes, a sense of humour and a competitive nature, all 108 bowlers took to the greens and managed to complete the five rounds of competition over the two days. The additional attraction of Bowls Australia Ranking Points to the first four place-getters ensured a vast array of talented lawn bowls on display for the throng of spectators to support and appreciate.

At the completion of day one, Queensland ‘Young Guns’, Jacob and Kane Nelson had set a cracking standard, having won all three games by a combined margin of 58 shots. However, the ‘Belmont Boys’ were closely followed by seven similarly skilled teams that had maintained a perfect scoresheet for the day, including Abdul Latiff and Kris Lehfeldt from Ballina with three wins and a margin of 43 shots.

Day two promised to separate the top echelon of competitors with the winner’s cheque of $2,000 and 36 Bowls Australia Ranking Points on offer to the successful side. Abdul and Kris came unstuck against Brett Pingel and Ron Smidt going down by nine shots to eight in a great game of lawn bowls. At the completion of the round, five teams remained undefeated with Bulla Burton (Byron) and John Wilson (Evans Head); Tony Jackson (Coolangatta) and Martyn Wood (Yamba); Jim Johnson (Yamba) and Graham Meany (Yamba); and Reg Austin and ‘Sparra’ Colley (Brooms Head) pressing the ‘Young Guns’ for supremacy. 

At the completion of the final round, the same five teams filled the top five positions with Reg and Sparra in fifth place, Jim and Graham in fourth, Tony and Martyn in third, Bulla and John in second place, and Jacob and Kane Nelson the standout pair with five wins, a total margin of 74 shots having won 48 of a possible 60 ends contested.

Don Freeman

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