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Public meeting to discuss Florda Rd system

Geoff Helisma |

All interested parties are invited to a community meeting to be held at the Halfway Creek community hall at 5pm on Wednesday March 27 – to discuss what can be done to improve the Florda Road system.

Clarence Valley Council’s general manager, Ashley Lindsay, will be in attendance, to listen to people’s concerns and discuss possible solutions.

John Edwards from the Clarence Environment Centre will talk about the area’s historical background and related environmental impacts.

Dave Drewett will share his expertise in road construction, including suggestions on how the current road could be improved.

One of the meeting’s organisers said residents in the area have long been asking “for and been promised improvements to their roads”, to no avail.

There are other issues flagged for discussion, including the possible difficulty in leaving the area during a bushfire.

The spokesperson said people who attend should prepare their questions in writing (including name and contact details) before the meeting, and hand them in as they enter, “to ensure everyone has their questions heard”.

“This is a chance for a win/win outcome,” the spokesperson said.

“Council is genuine in looking for an affordable solution.”

The hall is located at the corner of Kungala Rd and the Pacific Highway; for further information or to RSVP contact Susan or PJ Fenwick on 0451 096 073, or John Hagger on 6644 0207.

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