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Politics and climate change


Flooding up north, record hot weather in January, fires threatening World Heritage forests to the south.

This is climate change – it’s here and it’s hitting hard.
It was great to hear about the formation of Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action (SMH, 5 February). The community is leading the way in demanding solutions and urgent action to avoid the worst of climate change and help our communities adapt to its impacts.

We don’t have time for denial or procrastination. Burning coal is the number one cause of climate change and if we don’t stop soon then we risk the future of our planet and everyone we love.

We can, and should, congratulate ourselves for climate change being ‘on the agenda’ for the NSW election but in reality time is short and we must move urgently to action.

The bottom line is if we don’t end NSW’s addiction to coal, then we’re stuffed.

There can be no new thermal coal mines or coal mine expansions in an era of worsening climate change.

We need a just transition for coal-affected communities and we must transform the energy grid over coming years to maximise new connections from wind and large-scale solar. We also need a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy for a chance of a future free from dangerous pollution and climate damage.

Yet with all this work to do and opportunities for new industries and good jobs, energy and climate policy in Australia and NSW remains a shambles.

The NSW Liberal/Nationals have been in for seven years yet it has no significant policy for supporting a low-carbon energy or driving investment in renewable energy and associated jobs in regional areas.

We simply can’t afford another seven years of inaction.

Think about the climate when you cast your vote and make sure there are good independents in the next parliament to hold whichever party forms government to account on creating a safe future for us all.

Jeremy Buckingham
Independent NSW MP

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