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Police happy with holiday celebrations

Lynne Mowbray |

Local police are happy with the behaviour of the public over the Christmas and New Year period.

Coff/Clarence Police District Acting Inspector Dallas Leven said that over the Christmas and New Year period extra Highway Patrol police were in the Clarence Valley area, assisting local officers.

“They made sure there was a heavy presence on the roads and in known black spots to ensure holiday makers and locals were kept safe,” Acting Insp Leven said.

“In relation to New Years Eve, police are generally happy with the overall behaviour of revellers.

“Coastal areas such as Wooli, Brooms Head and Yamba saw large crowds gather and pleasingly there were no alcohol related assaults reported. Most of the offences detected during the New Years Eve operation were traffic (drink driving) related matters.

“There was also some minor street or licensing type offences detected, however they were few and far between,” he said.

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