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Pathways to the past

New pathways around the Lawrence Museum will now make access easier for everyone to visit the Museum’s outbuildings.

A grant from the Regional Cultural Fund has enabled this project to be completed as part of the overall Lawrence Museum upgrade.

The pathways provide all weather access to the ‘Ram Chandra’ cottage, the sulky shed, the blacksmith shop, the dairy & bails & outdoor machinery shed.

“This is something we have needed for a long time,” said museum vice president, Roz Jones. “It will make the outbuildings accessible to people with wheelchairs and walkers.”

“The damaged concrete in the driveway has also been removed and new concrete laid,” Roz added.

“We contracted Noel Hanson to undertake the work. They worked in with us and have done a great job on the driveway and the pathways. We are very pleased with the results.”

We are pleased that more people will now be able to enjoy all the museum has to offer.

Visitors are welcome Tuesday mornings 9am-1pm and weekends 1pm – 4pm.

Workers laying the new pathway. Image: contributed

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