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Parking restrictions to be enforced

With holidaymakers starting to head to NSW coastal areas, Clarence Valley Council has issued a reminder that parking restrictions apply, and will be enforced, in many areas.

Environment, development and strategic planning manager, David Morrison, said council rangers would make daily patrols of coastal areas and would act on those who were flouting parking restrictions.

“We don’t want to come down heavy, but it is important for locals and visitors to be able to find a car park when they need one,” he said.

“It is equally important for shoppers to have easy access to businesses, and that means having parking spaces available.

“We are aware that in some places timed parking spaces are being taken all day. We might be a little lenient on that through the rest of the year, but coming into the busy Christmas and holiday period we will be more active.

“It would be ideal if people were considerate of the needs of others, and in most cases they are, but we will act if we have to.”


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