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Palm Lake golf

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After all the rain we had in Yamba over the past couple of weeks, it is a wonder that we were able to play on the course, but apart from a couple of spots the fairways and greens were in excellent condition.

We played the back 9 and the scores were generally good. Peter Jarman won the day with 22 points, having only one sojourn into the trees. Terry Wilson and Kevin Moran both had 19 points with Terry taking second place on a very tight count back.

NTPs went to John Lockwood on the 10th for the Barber Shop voucher, while Ann Ardin almost chipped in on the 17th to win the Bean Scene voucher.

The later start seems to be working for us but those who can’t sleep or habitually arrive at the course at first light can still be catered for with a 7.30am start.

Peter Jarman

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