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Palm Lake golf

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Last week was a two person Ambrose event and the splendid condition of the course produced some excellent scores. Somehow our handicapper managed to win again without his handicap suffering!

He did have a great partner though and the team of Denis Kelly and Keith Britton won with a gross 41 strokes, netting them 24. Jenny Muir (just back from her other home in Canberra) was a swinger in the last group and filled both minor placings – second with Graham Cox on 27.5 and third with Kevin Moran on 28.25.

Our NTPs obviously went to teams so, rather than our normal vouchers being presented, a ball went to each winner and they were Denis Kelly and Keith Britton on the 10th, Bruce Douglass and Richard Ardin on the 12th and Tony Turner and Steve Dorrell on the 17th.

Graham Cox has advised us that he has made a decision to renew his membership of only Maclean next financial year and thus this week will be his last as captain of our group. I’m sure I echo the thoughts of all members in thanking him for the work he has put into organising events during his tenure. He will not be entirely lost to us as he is planning to play the occasional game with us in the future.

Peter Jarman

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