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No show becomes a celebration

Lynne Mowbray |

This year’s Maclean Show may have been cancelled but it’s not going to stop the town from celebrating; with a ‘Showmen’s Carnival’ taking its place.

The cancellation of the annual show was due to several pavilions being rendered unusable as a result of January’s wild storm.

Maclean Show Society president Brian Ferrie said that the Showmen’s Guild has offered to run a carnival to help out the Maclean Show Society, with the usual side show alley carnival rides and fireworks.

“When we got together recently with the Showmen’s Guild, they said that they wanted to do a fundraiser for Maclean Show Society, Mr Ferrie said.
“So we took that offer on and we’re going to go ahead with it.
“The event will be held on Tuesday April 17 (one night only) – from 5pm until late.
“There will be a gold coin entry into the Maclean Showground and at the end of the day we’ll get a cash donation from the Showmen’s Guild.
“They will also be paying for a gala fireworks display, which will take place towards the end of the night.
“So what we need, is to get people here – as many as we can get, to support them because they’re supporting us, which is pretty amazing.
“These show people have a heart of gold.
There will be the normal side show alley food and drink stalls available, selling Pluto pups etc. The event will be an alcohol free zone,” he said.

So mark this date on your calendar and get along and support this great family fun night.
Tuesday April 17 – from 5pm until late

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