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New series of community picnics to make most of Clarence River views

A series of riverside picnics have been launched to activate the re-modelled McLachlan Park in Maclean. The picnics are co-sponsored by Lower Clarence Arts Association, Live Prawn Productions and Clarence Valley Council, via their Event Sponsorship fund.

The picnics are timed to lead up to sunset, from 5 to 8pm on the third Saturday of the month, being January 19, February 16 and March 16.

The events are free to attend and customers may book a picnic platter and one of three picnics settings in advance, or bring their own picnic or purchase a picnic on site. There will also be a licensed bar serving wine, craft beer and a Clarence-themed sparkling cocktail.

Free craft activities operated by Yamba Art Space will occupy children. Gentle sunset-flavoured recorded music will be mixed for the setting.

Event organiser Phil Nicholas said, “I love watching the sunset over the Clarence River, so these picnics are designed to make the most of this enchanting natural phenomenon.”

“I’m aiming to satisfy local demand for fresh social and recreational activities as well as attract visitors to enjoy the Clarence River in a convivial atmosphere. When you have friends or family visiting, this is the perfect type of event to show off your hometown.”

Phil has been especially keen to work with local suppliers to help keep the money in town. He added, “I’ve attended those food truck events and think they’re great but often wonder about the money leaving the Clarence. Our picnics are produced by local chef Ed Goode of Two Bridges Espresso. Ed will be cooking Speedo’s famous snags on the day, with the generous support of The Fair Butcher.”

“People will recognise the bar as The Little Local, operated by Sandy, whose coffee van is usually located on the Ulmarra roadside.”

“If the format proves successful, I hope to replicate Riverside Picnics along other Clarence riverbanks in Yamba, Lawrence, Ulmarra and Grafton.”

Picnic platters and settings can be booked in advance by heading to:

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