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New coordinator to head annual shoe box appeal

Beth Sonter (centre), the new annual Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox Appeal coordinator, will continue the work of former coordinator Glenys Irons (right); they are pictured with Lynelle Robb, who is the coordinator of the Baptist Church collection point in Townsend.

Over the past decade, Clarence Valley people have supported the Combined Churches Ladies Fellowship of Maclean’s Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox Appeal, regularly filling between 600 and 800 shoeboxes for the Operation Christmas Child initiative.

Glenys Irons has been the driving force behind the appeal, however, due to aging and related health issues, the time had come to find a new coordinator.

“I am grateful to announce that Beth Sonter, office manager at Maclean Public School, the last of our original committee members still serving, is the new coordinator” Ms Irons said.

“Without her willing help we could not have done as well as we have for all of these years; thank you Beth.”

Ms Sonter, who has been involved with the initiative for several years, said: “I love the idea that kids in other countries receive a Christmas gift that they wouldn’t have received otherwise.”

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